Scaranish ‘N’

This is a Member’s Layout being built on Club premises

The layout Scaranish / Tiree, was built on the Island of Tiree in the Inner Hebrides, on the passing of its builder, It has come to Norfolk.  In its original format it won the N Gauge Society   Peco Cup in 2006 for Mr D.H Clarke (Article Here on the Museum of Tiree, An Iodhlann, website )

The layout was assembled permanently into a small upstairs room, not expected to move it was very heavily made, partly due to the limited modelling supplies available, multiple layers of softboard were used to create the scenery. Some minor damage in its removal, including to its electronics, it being built with a heavy emphasis on the electronics, there were 30 to 40 circuit boards fitted to the underside.

Now it is being rebuilt with the aim of making it an exhibition layout, but while being roughly true to the original owner’s design, it’s being made to look more Hebridean and to have simplified electronics for easy show running.

Slim front boards have been added to increase the scenery, much softboard  has been removed and replaced by polystyrene.  Two additional board are planned which will also carry the second level branch line station, this will remove the station above a station look. Under the new mountainsides a new fiddle yard is being constructed to provide a bigger variety of stock available to run. The main station Scarinish has had the track reduced, to a more realistic highland style. The branch station Upper Balinoe will remain roughly the same, the only alterations being made just to fit in its new position. Further information about the rebuild can be found on


Boards 1 and two as they were,

The replacement Scenery ” in White”







Summer 2018








March 2019