Castle Broad – OO9

This is a Club Layout being built by a team of Club members

This layout was originally constructed as part of a quarry/mining environment but was abandoned before completion. Broadland Model Railway Club acquired it as just the two left hand baseboards with almost no scenery and all the electrical wiring removed.

Since July 2017 it has been extended by one more baseboard incorporating the disused quarry and lake and the fiddle yard. The layout is now presented as a current day preserved railway under the name “Castle Broad Railway Preservation Society” and this provides much scope for a variety of stock.

The layout has been wired using the DC system, separated into 4 ‘cabs’ which equate to the four main sections: Main Station and Carriage sidings; Engineering Works & Engine Shed; Lake End Loop & Fiddle Yard and the branch line to the Mountain. All points are operated by Peco PL-10 motors and we have incorporated working semaphore signals using small servos and programmable circuit boards.

For the past few months we have been building the scenery and constructing the various buildings and work is now almost complete on the houses, station, Engine Shed/Works and the related scenery; we have added lighting to the buildings. We are now working on the lake area, adding scenic items and painting and “filling ” the lake itself. We have also been working on rolling stock and now have a few locos and carriages to operate the layout.

The rough paper back scenes have been removed and replaced with the final photographic ones. More detail work has been done and in preparation for the Open Day, a skirt has been added.

We will be presenting the layout at the Club Open Day May 26th 2019 in Hoveton.


The Beginning!

Third baseboard – track laying and wiring

Control panel – wiring





Castle Broad Track Plan


Scenery Plan – Town end


Scenery Plan – Lake end


Scenery building 1

Scenery building 2


Station end – Oct 2018

View from station – Oct 2018


Town end – Oct 2018

Waterfall & visitor centre – Oct 2018


Station 05/02/2019

Engine shed & works 05/02/2019


Lake and mountain – 05/02/2019

15/03/2019 – Buildings are now complete and lighting installed and working.

Town scene at night

Town scene with lighting


Coal depot

Workshop and footbridge

Station Approach


12/05/2019 – backscenes and skirt added, more detailing work done.














Watch this space for further developments!